Bombardier was a brand that was by no means broken but it needed freshening up and a sense of direction. Whilst still a big player in the English ale market, Bombardier's continued fame was rooted in familiarity rather than consumer connection. As a result sales had been slowing for a number of years.

Through studying the Bombardier tribe and collaborative workshops we created a new positioning... Patriotic Swagger.

We kept the brand’s strong English heritage but turned it into something cohesive and ownable. A traditional shield and waving banner were crafted, and combined with a little light humour via three unique crests - each containing a friendly mix of English iconography and favourite pastimes. A quirky typographical style was developed for the wider brand to accurately reflect the witty tone-of-voice. Trade and consumer reactions to both the idea and the resulting pack design have been, well... bang on!

The new branding is not only fresher and more modern it has fantastic stand-out. In research, both Bombardier fans and those who have not tried the beer before gave the new design their resounding approval.Emily Hudson, Marketing Manager, Wells & Young