In a world where there are now lots of healthy, and often tasty, options for breakfast, Shredded Wheat felt like ‘old news’ and no longer connected with consumers. Ocean was challenged to reposition Shredded Wheat to shout loudly about its natural credentials, loud enough to demand a re-evaluation of Shredded Wheat... at a glance.

The new design communicates a simple ‘I am good for you’ message, using the trending visual codes that ‘purposely healthful’ consumers respond to. For the taste variants, those codes are adjusted to say ‘I am tasty... and good for you’.


The FMCG fakeness of the previous design has been replaced by naive illustrations, flat colours, matt textures and hand cut fonts, all produced by hand, using lino-print techniques.

Natural is now implied, not forced, not contrived, not corporate, not formulaic. A no-nonsense design for a no-nonsense brand.
The Ocean team were quick to get to the heart of the brief, and delivered best in class work that really stands out on shelf. They are a pleasure to work with - challenging, but friendly and professional. Ben Blake, Shredded Wheat Marketing Controller