Tasty natural goodness

Something we’ve suspected for a long time is that consumers don’t read words on packs.

The challenge with Bakers was to create a brand that, at a glance, defines tasty, natural goodness without requiring the consumer to read a single word.

We kept the existing assets of blue with a red and white logo but evolved them to look less commercial, less inauthentic, less mass produced and less unbelievable. We got rid of the high shine, the fantasy landscape with a floating logo and recreated the scene with a ‘sky’ of natural textures, earthy tones throughout, ‘real’ food photography and farmers market style typography. This visual representation of ‘natural’ means that at a glance you can gauge the authentic ingredients in a brand you can trust.

A brand you can trust

Bakers have been making pet food for over 100 years, never far from their original mill in the UK. The new design needed to do justice to the rich brand heritage whilst becoming a modern brand that is friendly, easy to find and easy to shop. We identified and retained the brand's visual assets but placed them in a modern context creating a systematic design that makes the brand recognisable and easy to navigate in store.
As our new packaging agency, Ocean have been a breath of fresh air to work with! They have developed a strong packaging design to support our brand re-launch, which was the 3rd highest scoring design ever tested by Purina EMENA. We have really benefited from their straightforward, consumer focused style and their ability to just keep things simple.Claire Niccol, Brand Manager, Bakers