When two of Ocean’s oldest friends asked for our opinion on a logo they'd had designed, and were not happy with, we were intrigued. They described the exciting concept restaurant they planned to open in Lausanne, Switzerland so we suggested meeting asap! During the course of a delicious dinner, they explained their vision, a vision that their logo did not even begin to portray - global tapas.

We took their love for - food souvenirs - as they called their gastronomic discoveries and combined it with their own unique view of the world. The result was a timeless identity that complimented the unique 'Eat Me' dining experience - where diners can figuratively discover the world on small plates. Naturally, the brand was rolled out across the entire restaurant. Currently 'Eat Me' is rated 7th out of 592 restaurants in Lausanne, and climbing.

A drink with friends

When Eat Me decided to produce their own limited edition wine produced for very special friends of the restaurant, we were asked to design the label. We continued the theme of ‘souvenirs and stories’ told through the brands naughty but adventurous tone of voice. We suggested the name ‘Serena’s Secret', in reference to the restaurant owner, who, along with her sense of humour, would be well known to the friends in question.