Despite being one of the original hot pepper sauces, Encona was losing share and distribution to several newer hot sauces. The brand had a wonderful back story, authentic recipes and an extensive range of great-tasting quality sauces & marinades from all around the world. But they lacked a clear single-minded proposition and were seen as a range of hot (and often scary!) pepper sauces – which didn’t stand out on shelf and with the added problem that only real Encona loyalists could ever remember their brand name. Lots to work with and so much potential...


We started by creating a new differentiated positioning for the brand “Encona – Tastes That Take You Places” which celebrated the wonderful provenance of the brand and gave retailers a real reason to list Encona. Our new design reinvented the brand as an authentic, quality, tasty and more premium sauce brand with genuine sauce credentials. Stronger Encona branding with the addition of real place names and beautiful illustrations signposting the variety, provenance, and a new easily understood heat scale (gone are the scary chillies!).
In only 4 months the Ocean team immersed themselves in the Encona brand, created a differentiated positioning and a powerful new identity, fully validated in research, which has already started to change retailer’s perceptions. I’ve worked with Ocean for many years – they never shy away from asking all those tough but very pertinent questions that help you unlock what really makes a brand different.Vandu Patel - Marketing Manager Grace Foods