Over the last 30 years Fertiligène has become France’s no.1 gardening care brand, offering a wide range of solutions for both amateur and experienced gardeners. Although the brand’s product portfolio had developed during that time, its packaging design and visual communication had been neglected. The muted colours and rustic textures - intended to look earthy and natural, were looking dusty and tired. Littered in badges and call outs it had become busy and hard to shop. The brand needed a fresh lease of life.


What we envisioned was a brand that embodied the life and joyous vitality of a well loved garden.

Instant brand recognition is achieved using vivid plant photography as the hero of the piece, combined with leafy illustrations that grow around the zesty green packs.
But it’s not all about beauty, we’ve also improved the pack navigation by fixing the hierarchy and rebuilding the messaging system.

The end result is a cohesive brand with a bold but natural aesthetic, that’s easy to shop. Blooming marvellous!
David Buchan is a Brand Managers dream come true. He hones the true meaning of the product to its finest essence. Producing the pure clarity of brand language and communication. Furthermore, the Ocean team benefit from exceptionally curly hair only to be surpassed by Dave's dog Alfie. Anne Cécile Chabay - Group Senior Brand Manager Masterbrand