The brief was to turn an 18cm tube of fromage frais goodness into 6 very different quirky & fun characters. Cue Ollie (the Skateboarder), Genius (the Scientist), Melody (the Popstar), Dude (he's just cool), Snaps (she's even cooler) and Hans (the Footballer) - these personality-packed tubes of goodness complete with cringe-worthy jokes only 6-year-olds (and Ocean Designers) find funny.

Why isn't Cinderella good at football?

Because she always runs away from the ball of course! Frubes is sold in 3 different countries, so the task was to create 6 design-led personalities that would resonate with kids in Newcastle just as well as they would in Nice. Personalities instantly recognisable in a distinctive, fun, kiddy style that also complements the different fruit flavours. Good healthy fun that mums feel good about giving.