make All-Purpose
All the more natural

Although market leaders in the spray oil category, there was still significant penetration upside for the Frylight brand. One of the key barriers for nonusers was the brand just looked ‘artificial’. So the creative challenge was making it look more natural and less processed whilst also dialling up its real oil credentials. A secondary objective was communicating its versatility.

A cleaner design for cleaner living

Simplicity and hierarchy were the name of the game here. Great pop at shelf with a simplified brand marque and a vertical and horizontal pack to pack hierarchy that is easy to shop. The rainbow of colours quickly suggests a range of opportunity with realistic illustrations pushing home both flavor and natural ingredients.
One of the things I really like about working with Ocean is just how quickly they immerse themselves in your brand and what you’re trying to achieve. By working only with the senior Ocean team - you just get a higher level of strategic challenge, constant attentiveness and collaboration that you don’t always get from other agencies.Richard Davies, Managing Director, Frylight (Saputo Dairy)