The task was to brand a new alcoholic ginger beer from Stone’s to compete with the category-creating Crabbies. Our approach was to maximise the parent brand’s status as the world’s number one Ginger Wine, whilst adding a distinctively irreverent twist in order to appeal to a younger demographic, 20-40 year olds in search of new taste experiences.

We won a four-way pitch with our bold and iconic ‘flaming moustache’ proposition. The tache is based on Joseph Stone’s famously bushy whiskers which inspired the look and ‘quintessentially English’ tone of the irreverent communication.

When put into research, the ‘flaming tache’ design achieved some of the highest results the Accolade Wines team had ever seen.

From the very start Ocean understood the unique dynamics of the category and what we were trying to achieve. They delivered a concept that resonates with our target consumer and sets us apart in a fiercely competitive environment.Bryonie Grieveson, Brand Manager, Accolade Wines