Based on the successful redesign of Lir chocolates, parent group Zetar asked us to look at repositioning their exotic snacks range. They planned to expand the single SKU business with further flavours across, crackers, vegetables, fruit mixes and smoothie bars. A highly flexible umbrella brand was needed that reflected the brand’s fun and healthy proposition.

Never has our first rule ‘unseen = unsold’ been more tested. This aisle is full of famous players and a bewildering array of brands and choice. Generating memorable stand-out in this chaotic aisle was essential.

We named and created a lively brand rooted in adventurous flavours - which led to a revised NPD program. A distinct and vibrant range and a revolution from the previously unremarkable design.

Ocean worked with us to create a clear brand positioning for our range of unique snacks. This helped focus naming, our NPD pipeline and the creative brief. Ocean then created a clear portfolio approach and distinct pack design which is now sitting proudly on the shelves of Tesco, Waitrose and ASDA.Paul Sangwin, Director of Marketing, Humdinger