Jus-Rol is the signpost brand for home baking, but with their range of ready to bake pastries and pizza bases they were targeting a completely different consumer mindset and usage occasion. The problem was that the packaging for this range was no different to the myriad of own label pastry packs on shelf. Chances of it being seen and quickly understood by the ‘convenience connectors’ they were hoping to attract was nil.

This quite simply isn’t pastry, it's pastries.


The design needed to move away from the hard-core pastry cues that it was currently using, so instead, we created a visual personality that would engage consumers with clear benefits, taste, freshness and convenience. We wanted that fresh from the oven moment to be captured on the pack, and remove any confusion caused by visual similarities to the core range. We used the brand colour as a specials board, upon which we placed, a beautifully lit single pastry. It acted as both an easy to spot entry point at shelf and a freshly baked treat you could almost smell.