Following the 40% sales uplift we achieved on Ombar the team approached us with another project, primarily aimed at the German market and in a 70g format. During the Ombar creative research 'ancient power' had been flagged as a potentially rich concept area. It proved to be a good fit with the Ecuadorian provenance and ultimately gave the brand a distinct look and feel in the crowded German shelf.

Yet again Ocean have both surprised and delighted us with their creativity and thinking. Their processes are thorough but never dull - my team certainly look forward to their visits. The ultimate accolade is how easily our sales team have been able to sell this idea into Germany and beyond.Richard Turner, Managing Director, Mood Foods Ltd

8,000 year old idea

Ecuador's various civilisations stretch back over 8,000 years. Our idea takes its inspiration from the Inca arts, their temples and their worship of nature. The more research one does into the history and properties of the cacao plant, the more this 'power of the bean' concept resonated. Emanating from our 'shrine' are seed pods and the tools of a chocolatier, a fun and distinctive way of depicting both the provenance and passion that goes into this brand.