Inspired by the traditional way set yogurts are made, the Liberté origins range is unique - each yogurt is made with whole milk, individually cultured and set over 8 hours in a glass jar for a remarkable texture. The Yoplait team refer to it as an 'everyday simple pleasure’. One that provides consumers with an opportunity to indulge their desire for tasty goodness.


The Yoplait team asked us to deliver this traditionally inspired story in a modern way befitting the brand. Much like the ‘Excellence' range, it was important for us that ‘Origins’ be visually distinctive from the core ‘Greek style’ range the brand is synonymous with. At the same time branding had to be strong enough to ensure recognition. We inverted the logotype once again but sat it on a black band, which wrapped around the entire pack linking them together on the shelf. Behind this, we sat botanical style illustrations to emphasise the heritage of the product and the elegance of the taste profiles. The result was a design that fits with their Liberté portfolio but with a personality all its own.