Lir chocolates are delicious! However, the brand itself was struggling. It was dusty, dated and on shelf appeared to have nothing to offer versus the multitude of famous brands that it sat alongside.

To us the issue was obvious, their major brand spokesperson - the pack - did not convey the eating experience. Client interviews revealed that Lir had also won several ‘Gold Taste Awards’ which was high praise indeed when you consider the competition.

In our pitch we presented a very simple positioning - ‘award winning chocolates’. This was backed up by category challenging pack design where simple taste statements like ‘delicious’ were presented in a premium setting that created powerful blocking.

The results speak for themselves.

Ocean’s thoughtful and challenging approach, together with excellent creative solutions, led to a totally new communication strategy that saw sales grow by 25% in six months following the re-launch. Pretty impressive in a declining market.Kate Waine, Marketing Manager, Zetar PLC