Jaffa’s objective was to bring some excitement to the pretzel market with a very unique peanut butter filled pretzel stick. Whilst the US market has an exciting array of different shaped & flavoured pretzels - Sour Cream is about as exciting as it gets outside the US.

So the task was to create a totally new brand targeting the Gen Z snack eaters. It’s a very busy category full of big established big brands …it needed to be disruptive, full of character, standout and cool enough to get talked about. Different enough to excite both retail buyers as well as the end consumer.


We created the whole brand identity including finding the registerable brand name – MR NUTZ. The MR NUTZ character gives the brand strong shelf standout & appeal as well as doing a great job communicating the unique product format. In research 73% of 16-35 year olds said they’d probably/definitely purchase the brand… Result!
Ocean took an interesting, great tasting product and turned it into a very unique, added value brand packed with personality that hits all the right notes with our Gen Z target. Just as important - they also gave us a brand that has grabbed the attention of retail buyers at International Trade shows. The Ocean team really took the time to understand our ambitions in what was a very collaborative and enjoyable process.Aleksandar Poznanić, Marketing Director – Jaffa Crvenka