Ombar is 100% organic, has natural antioxidants, is dairy-free, refined sugar-free and full of natural ingredients - above all, its raw - and not just any raw; the founder spends several weeks a year in Ecuador ensuring they're getting the best beans possible. The passionate team behind this amazing product are on a mission to make the proven health benefits of raw chocolate a part of everyday life. Whilst they truly had something to shout about, their previous positioning was centred around 'high vibe' energy, a nice idea once explained, but not immediately understood by consumers.

Likewise, the branding and packaging failed to make any visual connection to the consumer. The natural benefits of raw cacao needed to be more obvious, without becoming worthy - this is the tastiest chocolate in the aisle, after all.

We convinced them that they could be the first ‘taste led’ raw chocolate on the market and in order to achieve that end, their current brand proposition had to be rebuilt from the foundations up. This process concluded with a total redesign of their brand equities and packaging.


Our first stage repositioning of the brand was a huge success and consumer feedback on the enso - a painted circle representing perfect balance - had been hugely positive. 

Phase two was about injecting even more personality and natural cues to the existing packaging, which included the removal of the original logotype, all whilst future-proofing the architecture to allow for new products and brand extensions. The final design allows the Ombar team to approach all sales channels; supermarkets, food to go, and specialist health food stores.

Bright, bold, and beautiful ensos giving pops of colour indicative of each mouthwatering flavour. Foiling adds a touch of elegance while the typeface feels drawn by hand, indicating that these are chocolate bars made with some special TLC. As part of the rebrand, we also revamped Ombar’s digital, social, and store presence.
Ocean’s outstanding work has given my brand real momentum. Their repositioning and packaging design has led to reappraisal not only from consumers but global customers too. We now have a brand that sits comfortably in both the multiples and uber-healthy organic stores, across a number of countries. That is some achievement.Richard Turner, Managing Director, Mood Foods Ltd