In an established category full of brands well equipped to successfully connect with their consumers, it wasn't going to be an easy task for Ozarka to break through and stand apart. However, as a proudly Texan brand with plenty of heritage, there was an opportunity to visually reflect this in a way that wasn't a cliché and would become synonymous with Ozarka.


Our challenge was to premiumize the brand, whilst retaining its Texan heritage. We rebuilt it from the ground up, refining and crafting every single element, from the logotype to the colour palette. We downplayed the garish red and blue colourway and brought forward the star device, which had previously been hidden behind a generic roundel. The star is so powerful and ownable that background imagery could be changed to reflect the brand's various offers, without any loss of brand recognition - for the still water we reconnected the brand to its source, and for the sparkling drinks we created bold and vibrant flavour coded visuals to give the packs a powerful punch on shelf and the all-important desirability factor.