Quest Global are one of the world's fastest growing engineering companies. Over the past 25 years they've built a workforce of 17,000 employees, opened 56 global delivery centres, and now operate in 17 countries.The secret of their success? Customer trust. For them, relationships are of critical importance. Whether or not this is the reason their customers hire them, it's the reason they stay with them.

But until recently, none of this was being communicated by the company's branding - which looked much like every other engineering company around (cold, corporate and clinical). What Quest Global needed was a brand that expressed their WHY - not just their WHAT. That's why they came to us...


With a distinctive marque, vibrant colour palette and engaging visual style, Quest Global’s new identity not only communicates their relational credentials, but also clearly unites (whilst also differentiating) the business’ seven sub-divisions: Aerospace & Defense, Hi-Tech, Healthcare & Medical, Automotive, Semiconductors, Rail and Energy. The future is bright indeed.
“Our new corporate brand identity paves the way to engage better with our people, our customers and the community. It helps us communicate that we are not just service providers, we go beyond. Our relentless drive is to be the most trusted partner for the world's hardest engineering problems and reach newer heights. This new identity perfectly illustrates our passion and commitment, but with links to our heritage.”Yumi Clevenger-Lee - Global Chief Marketing Officer at Quest Global