The story of how we got to know Andy is a long one, in a nutshell, he has left behind his life as a highly successful musician and has thrown everything he's got into reviving sustainable farming. After a few years, he reached a point where he wanted to sell some of his produce locally in France and to the culinary elite in the UK. Things were not working out with a local agency and he asked if we could build a brand around what he was doing. When we'd finished we asked Andy for a quote...

"I farm ancient grains with horses and have a fine looking herd of beef cattle. Nice images are not hard to come by. But I began farming because of a conviction that our current system of industrial food production is a disaster and the only way to change it is to prove there are alternatives. The pretty pictures that were proposed by the first people I asked for logos didn't capture any of the urgency, blood, sweat and tears that lay behind my mission to grow real, local, sustainable food. The contrast with Ocean Branding was stark and immediate. They understood, and very quickly turned this understanding into a logo and a brand which went straight to the heart of what I'm doing and why."

Bread made with Andy's flour and an omelette seasoned with his Piment pepper have to be tasted to be understood, and believed, the taste difference versus modern farmed equivalents is astounding. We kept the packaging as grounded as possible to reflect the purity of his mission and his products.