One of Britain's oldest brands was starting to feel a little stale. Ocean was asked to inject some much-needed personality, without compromising 230 years of heritage. After days of strategy discussions, workshopping and brainstorming, the "Schweppes Experience" was presented to the client - who instantly connected with it - so much so that it went straight to research. The concept researched very well and continued into production almost untouched.

A major part of the repositioning was to take the brand back to its roots. An example of this being the logo, we stripped away Photoshop effects and unnecessary embellishments to reveal a timeless and sophisticated brand mark. This mark sits confidently on an experiential pattern that sets the range apart from its own-label usurpers.


We created and then brought to life an effervescent brand personality and anchored it within one of the core visual Schweppes equities, yellow.

A wraparound illustrated backdrop, inspired by interviews with Schweppes aficionados, shows the journey of those famous Schweppes bubbles and reflects the transformation of your mood once you take that first, refreshing sip. 
Ocean and I clicked immediately. They understood our challenge and very quickly immersed themselves in the category. At stage one we all fell in love with the ‘Experience’ concept, which went straight into research, where it also won the hearts of consumers. It’s not often you arrive at a winning solution in the first round of creative but Ocean’s brand positioning work ensured that we did!Shelley MacIntyre, Marketing Manager, Schweppes