Shreddie or not!

There was no doubting Shreddies’ enviable iconic status and strong shelf presence but the brand needed to strengthen its reason to believe. Mums could buy a private label version at a fraction of the price. Shreddies had every right to talk about its energy giving properties but hadn’t done so for many years, although the current pack design did suggest a release of energy, it was the wrong kind - explosive and short term. In addition, non-users saw the product as processed and unappetising, this too had to be addressed.

Layers of storytelling potential

We believed Shreddies needed to re-engage with its rich heritage, this is after all the 'Original' shreddie. It is layer upon layer of whole grain goodness that sets you up for anything the morning might bring. Our 'doodle story' not only reflected the product's nutritional and energy credentials but injected the brand with an ownable personality that had previously been expressed exclusively through the 'Knitting Nanas' comms. We deliberately chose to present the product close-up in all its imperfect natural glory using fruit suggestions to demonstrate its simple, wholesome, taste appeal.
Ocean really stepped up to the challenge with our latest packaging revamp, successfully and skilfully managing the fine line between retaining valuable and distinctive design assets whilst ticking all the boxes of our brief and giving our brand a fresh and modern new look. The team are always refreshing to work with, offering healthy challenges and on this project delivered without compromise to a very challenging timeline.Rebecca Gale, Brand Manager, Shreddies