Ocean were challenged to take Blue Triton’s tired Splash brand and re-energise it. No longer talking to Mum, but instead appealing to Generation-Z, it still needed to be a healthy option, but not serious and boring. We interviewed groups of American Gen-Zers to really understand what makes them tick. Their feedback was clear. They demanded something different and unique. Something bold that stands out from the crowd. “Don’t give us plain and average,” they told us. So we didn’t…


We created a design with a friendly optimistic feel, but with a nod to rule-breaking and individuality. Our new approach was a hit with focus groups, delivering on their “it’s for me” requirements. The bold distinctive design and personality lends itself to an entire portfolio of SKUs, from still, to sparkling, energy drinks and beyond. Splash is no longer vanilla and forgettable. It's now a unique brand that Gen-Z consumers want to be seen with.