Amongst a sea of trendy nut butters, Sun-Pat had an air of neglect. With its generic FMCG graphics and similarity to cheaper own-label brands, it begged the question "Why pay more for Sun-Pat?"

In fact, Sun-Pat is well worth the extra pennies. It’s 96% nuts, palm oil free, and in blind tests it was voted hands-down the tastiest peanut butter on the market. Which we at Ocean can easily believe, as we're Sun-Pat loyalists (crunchy of course).

Fuelled by toast and peanut butter, we set about the task of re-crowning Sun-Pat as a British legend. We stripped back the design to hero the iconic and optimistic arced logo in a new curved label shape. We then replaced the fake FMCG photography with hand illustrated nuts in their crown formation; celebrating Sun-Pat as the loveable king of peanut butter.

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We didn't want the consumer to asume Sun-Pat was just another über-healthy-trendy nut butter. Its rich heritage and epic taste set it apart, but with as much as 96% nuts, it's a still a healthy choice indeed. Through the simplification of the design and hand-drawn illustration that shouts about its high percentage of peanuts, we repositioned Sun-Pat as down-to-earth-no-nonsense-tasty-goodness.
We thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative way Ocean approached our brief - they’re an experienced team who, with the help of some very enjoyable workshop exercises, were able to strategically probe and challenge in exactly the right way. We’ve already had a very positive reaction to the redesign - it re-establishes Sun-Pat as the ‘loveable legend’ it always was, cementing its position
as market leader.
Lucy Wilson, Senior Brand Manager, Hain Daniels Group